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Women & Politics at Rutgers University

Applying the prism of gender to theories and empirical studies of politics since 1986.

30 Years
ECPG with Mona

We have eight outstanding faculty specializing in gender and politics, reaching across all traditional subfields of political science. Here, Professor Susan J. Carroll accepts a Lifetime Contribution to Political Studies Award from the Political Studies Association (United Kingdom).

Graduate Study

Rutgers University offers the only Ph.D. program in the United States with a focus on Women & Politics. Click on the picture for more information about the program, and here to read more about some of our current graduate students. 

Dissertations Database

The Rutgers Women & Politics program has granted more than 70 Ph.D.'s - and trained scores of additional graduate students at both the master's and doctoral levels -since 1986. Click on the picture to access a list of Rutgers Women & Politics Ph.D.'s, as well as links to their dissertations.

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Politics & Gender

In 2022, an all-Rutgers team was selected to edit Politics & Gender, the official journal of the Women, Gender, and Politics Section of the American Political Science Association. Mona Lena Krook will be lead editor, with Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd, Kelly Dittmar, Elena Gambino, Summer Lindsey, and Kira Sanbonmatsu serving as associate editors and Brit Anlar as book review assistant.


Our vision for the journal includes building its stature and influence by more actively recruiting manuscripts across all subfields of political science, especially from more junior scholars; promoting gender research taking an intersectional perspective; expanding our reach with international authors and audiences; and engaging more explicitly with practitioners and policy-makers.

For more on the editors and editorial board, see Politics & Gender

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