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Graduate Program

The Women & Politics Ph.D. Program focuses on the approaches, concepts, and methods of women's and gender studies as they apply to the study of politics. Through courses both inside and outside the Department of Political Science, students are challenged to consider the ways in which the theoretical prism of gender allows us to rethink traditional analyses of governing institutions, political processes, and theories of politics, thereby enriching the discipline of political science itself.



The Program examines how gender relations structure the theory and practice of politics through a rigorous and diverse curriculum that includes the following requirements:

  • A core course, entitled "Proseminar: Women and Politics" (790:587), is required of all students concentrating in this field and is recommended to other students as an introduction to the field of women and politics. 

  • Students electing Women & Politics as a major field must take four additional gender-related courses - three offered by Political Science and one offered by Women’s and Gender Studies or another department. 

  • Students electing Women & Politics as a minor field must take two gender-related courses in addition to the Proseminar. Both courses must be selected from the Women & Politics courses offered by the Department of Political Science. 

  • These requirements often mean that students can earn a Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies at Rutgers' top-ranked Department of Women's and Gender Studies, in conjunction with a graduate degree in Political Science.  

  • To learn more about earning a Ph.D. in Political Science at Rutgers, see the degree requirements on the Department's Prospective Students page. To see admissions requirements and to submit an application, visit our Admissions page

Courses Offered

General Courses


790:609 Proseminar: Women and Politics

790:689 Advanced Topics in Women and Politics

790:636 Research Design for Dissertations in Women and Politics

790:696 Independent Study in Women and Politics

American Politics


790:591 Gender and Public Policy

790:689 Gender and American Politics

790:689 Gender, Race, and the American Party System

790:689 Black Women in Politics


Comparative Politics


790:519 Gender Equality, Women's Empowerment, and the United Nations


790:665 Gender and Comparative Politics

International Relations


790:519 Gender Equality, Women's Empowerment, and the United Nations


790: 635 Women, War, and Peace

Political Theory


790: 591 Gender, Policy, and Political Theory


790: 660 Contemporary Debates in Feminist Theory

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"The RU W&P program offers a unique opportunity for in-depth exploration, allowing us to combine our commitment to feminist studies with research interests in diverse political science topics. I am proud to be a member of this intellectual community with a strong feminist critical consciousness."

Lü Pin, 2nd-Year PhD Student

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