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Maria Wilson

I am a doctoral candidate in the political science department at Rutgers Women and Politics program. My research focuses on the structural and institutional barriers women face when running for office, with a particular focus on childcare and welfare policies. I have worked as a research assistant for Eagleton Institute’s Center for Youth Political Participation, and am currently assisting the Center on the American Governor track women candidates for the 2022 gubernatorial election cycle.

Year in Program


Minor Fields

Comparative Politics
American Politics

Areas of Interest

State & Local Politics
Feminist Theory
Social Policy
Political Representation


Teaching / Teaching Assistant Roles

790:101 Nature of Politics, TA

790:106 Law and Politics, TA & Instructor


Currently working on dissertation prospectus.

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Recent Publications

Wilson, M., Forthcoming. Liuba Grechen Shirley: Getting More Moms in Office. Junctures in Women’s Leadership: Politics. Rutgers University Press.

Sanbonmatsu, K. and Wilson, M., 2021. Women’s Election to Office in the Fifty States: Changes and Challenges. In S. Carroll, R. Fox, and K. Dittmar (Eds.), Gender and Elections: Shaping the Future of American Politics (pp. 248-267). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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