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Amy Benner

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science at Rutgers University-New Brunswick with a focus on women in American politics. My current research explores barriers to women's representation, especially at the intersection of gender, race, and party. My dissertation addresses how campaign fundraising works as a barrier for women candidates, especially related to how individual donors engage in stereotyping during the campaign fundraising process. In addition to my research, I currently serves as the PLEN Coordinator for Douglass Residential College and mentor undergraduates at the college. I also work as a graduate student research assistant at the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) and help advise the Rutgers chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha. I have taught at the undergraduate level, including a course titled American Party Politics. I will teach Gender and American Politics for summer '22.

Year in Program


Minor Fields

American Politics

Areas of Interest

Political Psychology
Campaign Fundraising
Political Participation
Political Behavior
Barriers to Women's Representation

Teaching / Teaching Assistant Roles

790:302 American Party Politics, Instructor

790:335 Women and American Politics, Instructor


Show Me the Money: Stereotypes and the Decision to Donate to Women Candidates
Committee: Kira Sanbonmatsu, Katherine McCabe

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Recent Publications

MacManus, Susan A. and Amy N. Benner. 2021. “Voter Participation and Turnout: More Diverse Electorate, New Forms of Activism, Record Turnout” in Gender and Elections: Shaping the Future of American Politics (5th Edition) edited by Carroll, Susan J., Fox, Richard L. and Kelly Dittmar (Cambridge University Press).

MacManus, Susan A. and Amy N. Benner. 2021. “Women and the 2020 Election: Breaking Down Barriers” in The Presidential Election of 2020: Donald Trump and the Crisis of Democracy edited by William Crotty (Lexington Books).


MacManus, Susan A. and Amy N. Benner. 2020. “Women and Campaigns – Generational Change, Growing Activism” in Campaigns on the Cutting Edge (4th ed.), edited by Richard Semiatin (Sage Publishing).

Benner, Amy N. Untitled (Stacey Abrams and Leadership) in Junctures in Women’s Leadership (Rutgers University Press). Work in Progress.

MacManus, Susan A., Benner, Amy N., and Kathryn DePalo-Gould. “Women’s Growing Clout is Changing the South’s Political Landscape.” Paper presented at the Citadel Symposium on Southern Politics, Charleston, South Carolina, March 3-4, 2022. (book project- Work in Progress).

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