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India S. Lenear

I am currently a doctoral student at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. My work broadly studies Women and politics, Black Politics, and American Politics. More specifically, my work focuses on Black Women’s studies, Body politics, and Black feminism(s). My research examines Black women’s political behavior, ideology, and participation through Black feminist theoretical lenses. I hold a BA in Political Science from North Carolina Central University.

Year in Program


Minor Fields

American Politics
Race/Ethnic Politics

Areas of Interest

Black Women in Politics
Black Feminism
Political Ideology & Consciousness
Body Politics
Political Behavior

Teaching / Teaching Assistant Roles

India does not currently teach any courses.

2nd-Year Paper

Ideological Diversity of Black Women Elites

Recent Publications

Brown, N.E., Jackson, J., Ingram, A., Lenear, I., Smith, A.D. (2021). Black Lady Classroom. In: Mallinson, D.J., Marin Hellwege, J., Loepp, E.D. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Political Research Pedagogy . Political Pedagogies. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Lenear, I.S. (Forthcoming). The Future of Black Feminism and Black Women Political Elites: A Reflexive Interview with Duchess Harris.

Brown, N.E. and Lenear, I.S. (Forthcoming). Ties that Bind: Black Women Candidates and Familial Influence on Political Socialization.

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