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Dr. Cynthia Daniels

Professor Daniels has taught at Rutgers since 1992. She has formerly served as the department chair (2009-2012) and currently serves as the Associate Campus Dean for Douglass College. Daniels is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the Rutgers University ‘Faculty Diversity Award (2012),’ awarded for outstanding achievement in contributing to the diversity of the University faculty. She is a native of the Jersey shore (Pt. Pleasant).

Areas of Interest

Gender and Politics, Reproductive Politics and the Law, Bioethics, Masculinity

Graduate Courses

790:591 Gender, Policy and Political Theory

Undergraduate Courses

790:395 The Politics of Reproduction
790:292/395 The Notorious RBG

Recent Publications

Daniels, C., Howard, G., & Roberti, A. 2016."Informed or Misinformed Consent: Abortion Politics in the States," Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 41(2).

Daniels, C., Munsch, C. 2018. "Pregnancy Criminalization, Reproductive Asymmetry, and Race: An Experimental Study," Feminist Criminology, 13(5).

Richardson, S.S., Daniels, C., Gillman, M.W., Golden, J., Kukla, R., Kuzawa, C., & Rich-Edwards, J. 2014.“Comment: Developmental Biology: Don’t Blame the Mothers,” Nature, 512.

Current Dissertations

Dr.Daniels is not currently advising any doctoral dissertations.

Past Dissertations, Chair

Update coming soon.

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