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Sudip Bhattacharya

I am a grad student now in the dissertation phase. Prior to joining the program, I had been a full-time reporter, from daily newspapers such as the Schenectady Gazette to CNN Politics. I still write and produce work for various public-facing outlets, such as The Aerogram, Reappropriate, CounterPunch, Protean Magazine, among others. I also am an organizer with the Central Jersey DSA and proud member of our union, AAUP-AFT. The overall focus of my research is on concepts of solidarity and the potentiality for various groups of color in the U.S. to unite on progressive causes, and what are the obstacles in forming such coalitions. I am interested in exploring as well what various groups of color are faced with living in the U.S., along with digging deeper into topics like capitalism, socialism, gender and racial justice, U.S. empire, and anti-imperialist politics, and class struggle.

Year in Program

Beyond 5th

Minor Fields

American Politics
Race/Ethnic Politics

Areas of Interest

Political/Economic Justice
Coalition Politics
Race/Ethnic Politics
Political Representation
Political Theory

Teaching / Teaching Assistant Roles

Sudip does not currently teach any courses.


The Color Line in the New Gilded Age: Coalition-Building Among Black Americans, Latinx Americans and Asian Americans in an Age of Economic Inequality

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Recent Publications

"Education as Empowerment: Review of Pedagogy of the Oppressed" published in the Journal of Political Science Education

"Race, Class and Coalitions" published in Forge Organizing

"The Limits of Descriptive Representation" published in Current Affairs

"Striving for Solidarity" published in CounterPunch

"Doordashing and Dreaming" published in Protean Magazine

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