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Dissertations 1990-1999

There were 11 dissertations published from 1990-1999.

For the downloadable .pdf of the dissertation, click the title or the name of the author.


Wendy Anne Gunther-Canada (.pdf unavailable)

The book of woman: Mary Wollstonecraft's challenge to political theory.

Advisor: Benjamin Barber


Lauren Burnbauer (.pdf unavailable)

Explaining opinion inconsistency on a single policy issue: An examination of public opinion on abortion as 'quality' opinion.

Advisor: Unlisted


Joseph P. Cammarano (.pdf unavailable)

Perceiving politics in the media age: Political stereotyping and the political involvement of adolescents.

Advisor: Susan J. Carroll


Samantha Lee Frost (.pdf unavailable)

Acting to order: Thinking-bodies and civil subjection in Hobbes's theory of politics.

Advisor: Linda Zerilli


Nikol Gertrude Alexander (.pdf unavailable)

From endangerment to atonement: Reading gender, race, and nationalism in the Million Man March.

Advisor: Linda Zerilli


Committee: Linda Zerilli, Susan J. Carroll, Cynthia R. Daniels

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